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How to Book a Topless Waitress: The 7 Essential Steps you MUST take BEFORE you book. Number 3 is Crucial.

How to Book a Topless Waitress

So, you need to know how to book a topless waitress for a buck’s party, poker night or boy’s night and you don’t want to let your mates down. No matter if you are wanting to book topless waitresses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne or more, this guide applies to all areas around Australia. If you’re new to booking this type of entertainment or even if you’re the go to man, this is the guide for you. It should help you stay out of trouble and the whole process should be pain free and your event a successful one.

The main points this article will cover are

  • Why it’s important to prepare before you begin your search
  • The importance of reading the fine print so you don’t get ripped off
  • Choosing topless waitresses that are going to be more than just pretty faces
  • The importance of securing your booking so you don’t miss out on the girls you want

Before we get stuck into the finer details, we’d like to share with you what we’ve found in our 14+ years’ experience. Imagine the following scenario when guys don’t have a solid strategy.

After looking at 10-20 websites, they narrow it down to a handful they like. They then ring around to get the best deal. After a bit of back and forth, a deal is struck and they pay a deposit.

Sounds straight forward doesn’t it?

Fast forward to the night of the event.

The guys have been quietly sinking a few, swapping stories and gearing up for a fun night with some smoking hot girls.

The time of arrival comes………………..and goes.

An hour passes before they get hold of the agent. He promises to sort it out. 15 minutes later he calls back to tell them one of the girls can’t make it but he has a replacement that will be there shortly, and the other will be another hour away.

Ok. Not great but salvageable.

30 minutes later, the replacement arrives. Reasonably attractive. Polite. They give her the money. She then spends the next 3 hours alternating between staring at her phone and flirting with the buck’s brother. At least she was topless.

The second girl arrives. Either her photo was taken some time ago or she has miraculously gained 10kgs since her “recent” photo was taken. Given the chances of getting a suitable replacement within 30 minutes are pretty much zero, they proceed with the booking.

It’s a safe bet that the booking was a bit of a fizzer.

Unfortunately, these types of scenarios are quite common. Some are even worse.

Sure, you might get lucky. But wouldn’t it be better to minimise the risk?

So, where did they go wrong and how can you avoid making the same mistakes? Most of what I am going to share is common sense. The rest of it? Little known but vital steps that will help you get what you paid for and a night to remember. I am going to teach you how to book a topless waitress and get what you paid for.

Here we go.

Step 1. What are you looking for?

Find out from the guys the general consensus on the following.

  • Rough budget
  • Topless or nude waitresses?
  • Girls that do Lapdances?
  • How many girls?
  • Blondes, brunettes or other?
  • Natural or fake boobs?
  • Tattoos or not?
  • Personality types?

Note: In regards to Lapdances. It’s best to make sure your other halves are ok with it.

In our experience it’s best to book at least 1 waitress for every 10-15 guys that will be attending. If you book too few, it’s likely that they will be too busy running backwards and forwards fetching drinks to be able to entertain your mates with fun games or great conversation. You may need to be flexible on some things. Decide what are must haves and what is negotiable. This will save you going backwards and forwards to find the perfect girls. Be prepared to listen to the agent’s advice.

Step 2. Start planning at least a few weeks before your event

Research at least 3-4 weeks before. Most popular girls are booked weeks in advance, if not months. Usually because they look like their photo, they’re reliable, fun and have great testimonials. Don’t leave it to the last minute to book.

Step 3. READ the small print

This step is crucial. This is where most guys go wrong. When you find yourself on a site that looks great, DON’T go and look at the girls first. Yes, you read that correctly. Instead, check out the following: The ‘rules, or ‘terms and conditions’. Why? Because sometimes there are nasty clauses that could cost you.

Some agents will bury their nasty little clauses in a novel of ‘terms and conditions’, after all, how many people are going to read through 20+ pages of fine print? Not many and that’s what they are counting on. Luckily for you, we are giving you a shortcut and telling you where you are likely to find these clauses and describing below what these clauses are likely to say.

Here we go……

Where should you look?

These nasty clauses can be found usually under the following links;

Terms of Service
Terms and Conditions

If you find yourself staring at a novel of conditions, the following type of sections usually contain clauses you should watch out for;

Bookings and Cancellations

What are these clauses likely to say?


‘In the event the entertainer you have requested becomes unavailable, another will be sent in her place, and no refund will be offered’

‘If you cancel at any stage no refunds will be given’

‘If your chosen entertainer doesn’t show up no refunds will be given’

Clauses like the ones described above have cost guys money. You can read about one case here. You don’t want to get stuck not being able to secure a refund on your deposit if the entertainers you chose become unavailable. Instead, you want to look for a clause similar to the one below.

Example of a clause to want when learning how to book a topless waitress

Another nasty trick is the lack of other particular guarantees. Namely, the lack of something like the following:

Another example of a clause to look for when learning how to book a topless waitress

If an agent fails to provide you with something like the above in writing, you should be asking yourself why.

Step 4. Ask the agent some more questions

By now, you’re getting close to finding that perfect fit. A trustworthy agent that is likely to have girls that will live up to expectations. Just a few more questions to ask.

  • Will the agent or an authorised representative be by their phone throughout the booking?
  • If you’re happy with the girls will you be able to extend their booking duration?
  • Is there anything you can do to make the night go more smoothly?

Step 5. Go with your gut feeling when choosing your adult entertainment agent

At this stage, you would have spoken to your shortlisted agents. Did any of them seem unprofessional in any way? Did any of them come across as salesy? Forget about any minor price differences between agent’s quotes. An offer of a small saving may seem great but if you’re in any doubt about an agent take that doubt into consideration. Choose the agent you have the best feeling about.

Step 6. Pick your topless waitresses

It’s time to choose your girls. You already have a rough idea of how many you need, the sort of look you’re going for and personality types. Remember; be prepared to listen to your agent’s advice. Agents are usually on the money when knowing which girls will be the best fit for your particular event.

Pro tip 1: Almost 100% of the time agents have girls on their books who are only promoted privately so make sure you ask to see who else they have.

Pro tip 2: For peace of mind, if the agent hasn’t supplied you with natural shots (selfies), request them. Professional photos will always be polished to a degree. The closer a girl looks to her selfie the better.

We recommend that for every girl you pick you also pick a backup. Backups are important as stuff happens. For example, your first choice is already booked or a girl gets sick or a car breaks down.

You have now learnt the first 6 steps in knowing how to book a topless waitress. Only one more but important step.

And finally………

Step 7: Secure your booking

Pay the deposit. Because, unless a deposit is paid, the girls will take another booking over yours if the other booking pays a deposit. Most girls can only fit in 4-6 bookings each weekend. That’s a limited number of opportunities for you to get the one you want at your party. From the girl’s perspective, a booking with a deposit is more secure for them than one that will ‘pay them everything on the night’. It’s nothing personal, they are just protecting themselves.

If you have followed all the steps previous to this one then by now you should have a good gut feeling about the agent you are dealing with. Don’t throw all that hard work away. Secure the booking.

Premier Girls – The 7 Essential Steps

How to book a topless waitress, How to Book a Topless Waitress: The 7 Essential Steps you MUST take BEFORE you book. Number 3 is Crucial., Premier Girls

So where to now?

With so many agencies out there to choose from it can seem overwhelming to narrow it down when many of them are very similar. Especially with all the horror stories you hear. Nobody likes to be ripped off. No-one wants to let their mates down. Congratulations. You have now learnt how to book a topless waitress. So if you are to take anything away from this article, remember to always look at the fine print on an agent’s website before doing anything to make sure they offer some sort of guarantee. Why not start with our rules first? Better yet, why not share this post with some of your mates and see if they think its great advice? We’d love to know what you think.

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