Adult entertainment agency, Welcome to Australia’s newest Adult Entertainment agency. Let us give you a tour, Premier Girls

Welcome to Australia’s newest Adult Entertainment agency. Let us give you a tour

Welcome to Australia’s newest adult entertainment agency

Do you ever wonder if strippers or topless waitresses really love their job? As we give you a tour around Australia’s newest adult entertainment agency we are sure you will discover that they do indeed love their jobs. This article will take you through each of our pages and their important features. From our HOME page to our CONTACT options. Before we get to that though, let’s us quickly give you an introduction as to why this industry is great, why we started Premier Girls and what we hope to achieve.

Picture this……………Sexy confident women.

Yep. Sexy confident women is what attracted us to the industry in the first place. It takes a pretty confident and strong woman to parade around wearing next to nothing in front of a bunch of strangers. Who wouldn’t want a girl like that to hang with? Speaking from experience, strippers and topless waitresses are usually pretty fun people to be around. Some of the stories we could tell you.

Who wouldn’t want to build a business around such women? Sure, the industry has its problems, but in time, we hope we can help address them to the betterment of the girls. In the meantime however, we will endeavour to support the girls in their roles. Here at Premier Girls we are aiming to become the employer of choice. If we treat the girls with the respect they deserve, they will no doubt enjoy their job more and will provide a better time to everyone; their colleagues, their clients and the companies they represent.

Here’s the deal.

If you take the time to look around our website, you’ll notice that compared to many of our other competitors, we have taken great pains in bringing you a website that is modern, easy to navigate, one that has stunning girls and most importantly puts an emphasis on YOU having a good time. Apart from our girls profiles pages (Waitresses and Strippers); we have put our most relevant information about why you will have a great experience with us right on our HOME page. Did you read through our ‘Reasons why you’ll love booking through us’ and watch our video? We’ll wait while you go and have a proper look.

But it gets even better…..

Not only will you have a great time with our girls, you will be supporting a great company culture. Check out our ABOUT page to view some behind the scenes and candid photos of our girls having fun whilst doing their thing. From some of the statements, we are sure you will see our company is one that takes pride in looking after everyone. You and the girls. We are firm believers in putting our staff first because we know that happy staff then put clients first. Everyone wins. We are sure by now you are starting to discover why we are different.

Adult entertainment agency, Welcome to Australia’s newest Adult Entertainment agency. Let us give you a tour, Premier Girls

Ok, I know what you’re thinking.

All of this is great, but other agencies make similar claims. They claim their girls are friendly, down to earth, look like their photos and are full of personality. If only there was a way to be reassured of this before you commit to a booking. And we agree with you 100%. That’s why we have gone the extra mile with our girls’ individual profiles under the WAITRESSES and STRIPPERS tabs. We get that there are a million great looking girls out there, but we also know that only a few have great personalities. So, we invested in a handful of video profiles to launch our company with. We did this, not only to show off our girl’s personalities but to show you they are clearly the same girls in the pictures we advertise. Over the next few months we hope to add videos of each of the girls on our site. Have you checked out Jess’s, Bella’s and Jasmine’s videos yet? These girls are fantastic. We are positive that once you watch their video profiles you will be at ease when you book them.

All of these services do come with RULES however. Make sure you know them. Take particular note of our money back guarantee.

But what if you’re looking to join our agency rather than book our services?

No problem. We’ve got you covered in the CAREER section. This is a section you should definitely look at. We have been in this industry a long time and we realise that not only attracting top talent is a challenge but also is convincing new talent to enter the industry. We have gone all out with this section. We interviewed dozens of girls and asked those questions that many of you want the answers to. Have you had a squiz at our ’11 reasons to join the team’? How about viewing the recruitment video? Did you read about the current careers of some of the industry’s former workers? There is an abundance of information on that page. We hope it helps answer your questions you have about working in the industry.

And finally…………..

As the months go on, we will be adding more candid videos of the girls to the VIDEO page in addition to their profile videos. In fact, we have some more videos of Jess, Bella and Jasmine being added in the next few weeks. But for now, check out the 8 videos we have on our video page.

You already know where the BLOG is cause you are reading one right now!!!

Don’t forget you can access our social media accounts but clicking on the social media icons located in the header or the footer, and get to see even more of our lovely girls with candid photos and find out about our special events.

If you can’t wait to get in contact with us though you can either send us an email via our CONTACT link in the footer or by clicking on the ‘Send Us a Message’ tab located in the bottom right corner to instant message us through Facebook.

This is the beginning of a series of posts we will be releasing over the coming months. We will be sharing little known industry secrets, providing you with detailed pieces on everything you need to have a great event and sharing knowledge in how to carve out a great career in this industry. So if you or any of your friends are looking for information on the adult entertainment industry, then make sure you keep coming back.

We hope you enjoy looking around our website as much as we have enjoyed making it. If you find anything that should be bought to our attention or if you have any suggestions for things to include then pop it in the comments below and we will be sure to look into it.

Until next time.

Tahlia Lanza
Premier Girls Operations Manager

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