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Why should I join the team?

A female considering adult entertainment jobs

Imagine being a part of an agency that wants you to succeed

A word of caution: most agencies are owned by waitresses or strippers. This usually means they take bookings for themselves and then miss enquires because they are working. Worse yet, they offer work to friends or girls that look nothing like their photo. What’s really disappointing is they send girls to jobs they weren’t requested for.

The bottom line?

This means less work for you. Less work because an agent recommends herself first. Because they play favourites. Because customers booked girls from inaccurate pictures. Because disappointed customers went elsewhere. All of this means less money for you. Don’t have your earning potential lowered by working with an agency that engages in unfair practices.

The good news?

Premier Girl’s management doesn’t waitress or perform. We don’t book ourselves out first, offer work to girls who look nothing like their photos, or play favourites. Everyone is interviewed face to face and if a girl doesn’t look like her photo, she isn’t hired. If you’re disappointed in showing up and finding clients didn’t request you, then join our team. We will never send you to a job that you weren’t confirmed for.

If you’re looking for a company…

That will respect you and is dedicated to success, then look no further. In our 14+ years’ experience, we know that successful agencies have integrity and a supportive company culture. Watch this video to see what our girls have to say.

Still not convinced?

Read about some of our benefits below and what some of the girls had to say about them.

11 Reasons Why I should join the fun

  • High income potential. “I have consistently made over $3000 a week” Talishia – Stripper
  • You set your pay rate, not us. “I know I am worth more than what other agencies offer. It’s great to be put forward at rates I am happy with” Jordan – Waitress
  • Travel opportunities. “Hervey Bay, South Stradbroke Island. Biloela. I’ve gone to lots of places ” Bella – Waitress
  • Get paid to party in a Penthouse. “I’ve lost count of the amount of Penthouses I have gone to” Taylor – Waitress
  • Make great friends. “The friends I have made are awesome. Great fun and supportive” Nikki – Waitress
  • Work a shift and get paid. “There were nights working in a strip club where I made nothing. If I had done private gig I would have been paid for my time” Tahila – Stripper
  • Flexible hours. “The hours work around university” Eliza – Stripper
  • Management don’t waitress or perform. “It’s frustrating losing work to an agent that book herself out first” Vanessa – Stripper
  • Video profile opportunity. “I love this. I know that guys love my personality and they are more likely to book me from a video than just from a photo” Karla – Waitress
  • Ongoing training and support. “Management have helped me to do my job better” Amanda – Waitress
  • Access to an exclusive network. “I found it beneficial to be able to ask questions from multiple peers at once as it helped to get a variety of advice” Nicole – Waitress

Life after hanging up the heels

Set yourself up to start the next phase of your life

So you’ve decided to give the industry a go. Our advice? Have a goal. This industry has a shelf life. It doesn’t matter if you are saving to invest, start your own business or support yourself while completing your studies, you need to have an exit strategy. It’s more than possible. We love hearing about the success of girls who have worked within the industry. We are sure you will love learning about their stories below.

Vanessa was a fan of adult entertainment jobs

Vanessa – Pet Guardian

“I joined the Adult Entertainment Industry in 2001 working as a Stripper on the Gold Coast. I was instantly making more money than I ever thought possible. After a few years I decided to give the circuit a go and travelled around the country working in a number of strip clubs. When I returned to the Gold Coast I took up private work as a Topless Waitress and Showgirl. I even did some glamour modelling and appeared in some men’s magazines.

Before I started working in the industry, I was somewhat sheltered and very much a wall flower. It was after I started frequenting a local Gold Coast Strip club, I realised that the girls in the industry were normal girls. I admired their confidence as I was lacking in mine. That’s what made me decide to enter the industry. Apart from the confidence that I gained, I grew to love my body. I’ve already mentioned the money I made, but the other positive was the flexibility of the industry. I could work when I wanted to. This flexibility gave me time to pursue volunteer work with animals. This was the turning point for me, I realised that working with animals was what I wanted to do. Being self-employed in the adult entertainment industry had provided me with some business skills foundations. I used these skills to my advantage.

Towards the end of 2007 I started the process of setting up my own pet care business. By mid 2008 my business was operating full-time. I owe this quick transition to having money from stripping to invest into the startup of my business. Since then my business has been booming. At one point, I had six staff members. It is important to have a goal if you decide to enter the adult entertainment industry. If I had my time over again, I would do it again.”

Kylie Doll having fun at one of her adult entertainment jobs

Kylie Doll – Travel Consultant and Freelance MUA

“Before starting work in 2008 I had suffered from bullying and low self-esteem. I honestly thought the industry would be full of easy and catty girls and I wasn’t sure about my safety. Nothing could be further from the truth. Within my first week I made friends and learnt that the industry wasn’t dangerous like I’d imagined. Over the coming months, on the weekends while some of my non industry girlfriends were getting drunk and sleeping with randoms, me and the girls were too busy making money to be interested in that kind of thing.

The best years of my life so far was when I was working as a Topless Waitress and Stripper! I wish I could do it again. I made so many friends and I was able to support myself whilst studying and still live an amazing lifestyle. The thing I loved the most was becoming a strong independent woman. It gave me confidence. It’s a great feeling being able to pay your own bills, spoil yourself and having men constantly give you compliments.

In 2011 I moved back to NZ and pursued a career in travel and tourism as well as set up a business from home. Today, I work as a travel consultant and run a home beauty business. The money I made from the adult entertainment industry enabled me to study full time for six months and pay for the $7000 course cost. Make sure you save a secret stash of money. Remember, you’re not going to be young forever and this industry has an expiry date. You have to have a plan or goal as it will help you not to blow all your cash.”

FAQs for newbies

Do you have questions about adult entertainment jobs

We all had the same fears as you

We know how you feel. Whilst we don’t perform now, we did once and we had the same questions. We get it. You have questions and concerns. Who best to answer your questions than girls who work within it? Discover answers to your questions below.

“What should I look for in an agency?”

Do they have a website? Is it modern? Do they have social media accounts? What do other girls have to say about them? How experienced are management? Ask yourself all of these questions before agreeing to join an agency. Lucy – Waitress

“Does Premier Girls train you?”

Absolutely. We want you to be the best you can be. We will pair you up with experienced girls for your first few shifts and you will be given access to a private network with a number of online resources, including links to RSA courses, Accountants and Financial Planners, sales articles, safety articles, poker dealing videos and education plus an online forum with many girls to ask questions. The better trained you are, the more money everyone makes. Tahlia Lanza – Premier Girls Manager

“Am I safe at jobs?”

Yes. I have been doing this job for several years and I have never found myself in a situation where I was I was unsafe. With a good agent, safety is always priority number one. As long as you act in a professional manner the chances of something bad happening are pretty slim, about the same as someone breaking into your house. There is a chance it could happen, but it’s unlikely to. Part of the trick is to be clear and assertive with the rules when you arrive. Work with experienced girls initially and always leave if customers cross the line. Scarlet – Waitress

“Do the girls really make oodles of money?”

If you treat this job as a profession and apply sales techniques, then yes, you can make oodles of money. The top 10% of girls make in excess of $3000 per week. “The most amount of money that I made in one night was $6000” Talishia – Stripper

“Only girls who are stunning or have large breasts make money don’t they?”

No, some of the highest earners have small or no breasts and many look like your typical girl. Like many things, stereotypes are rarely accurate. Customers have varying tastes. There is a market for each look and body type. Tahlia Lanza – Premier Girls Manager

“Let’s be honest, a lot of girls do extras don’t they?”

I’ve worked alongside hundreds of girls. The VAST majority are just waitresses or strippers. That’s it. I would probably say that less then 5% of girls cross over to dark side. Also, in some states, including Queensland, it is illegal for girls to engage in extras if booked through an agency. Any girls found to be providing extras are usually fired or pushed out. Lexia – Stripper

I’m already convinced!

Signing a contract for adult entertainment jobs

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