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Waitressing Options

Are you looking for an adult entertainment service that delivers?

All services are strictly non sexual

Topless waitresses and poker dealers are our most popular service. If you are after a night of admiring some great assets or trying your hand at some poker, then this is the service for you. Perfect for nights where they are laid back but wanting a little bit of eye candy. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

  • Girls that look like their photo and are happy to do their job.
  • Your mates patting you on the back congratulating you on selecting some fine young ladies that kept everyone entertained and in high spirits.
  • Our girls love their job. No matter what service you choose, we have a girl happy to do it. If you haven’t already, check out our girls profile pages. Whether it be waitresses or strippers. We have access to 1200+ girls Australia wide.

Lingerie Waitressing

services, Waitressing Options, Premier Girls
From $115 per hour

For the budget conscious without compromising on quality. Bikini or lingerie waitresses are always worth it.

services, Waitressing Options, Premier Girls

Topless Waitressing

From $145 per hour*

Our most popular service. Topless waitresses are always a welcome choice.

*South Australia prices start from $130 per hour

services, Waitressing Options, Premier Girls

Nude Waitressing

From $235 per hour*

When topless doesn’t quite cut it, grab yourself a couple, or more, nude waitresses.

*Not available in South Australia

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