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Why the bride should book the bucks party entertainment: 6 essential steps

bucks party entertainment, Why the bride should book the bucks party entertainment: 6 essential steps, Premier Girls

So you’re getting married and are about to marry the man of your dreams. He is caring, charming, intelligent and loyal. Everything you would want in a partner. You are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with him and you want him to have fun with his bucks party entertainment.

Fun being the key word.

You and your partner have agreed boundaries as to what is and isn’t acceptable on his bucks night. R-rated adult entertainment is acceptable but X-rated and xxx shows are not. You are happy for him to have some topless waitresses in attendance or a G-string or nude striptease but that is it. No more. But how do you ensure that only what the two of you have agreed to will be honoured?

It’s simple really.

Book the bucks party entertainment yourself.

This is the only way you can be assured that you know that the entertainment you have booked is within your boundaries. There are some steps you should take however to reduce any risk of the entertainment taking it further than you are happy with.  We are now going to break those steps down.

Step 1: what type of bucks party entertainment?

Put together a list of acceptable services you and your partner are happy with. The following are what most choose from.

Waitressing and Poker options

* Bikini or lingerie waitresses

* Topless waitresses

*Nude waitresses

* Bikini or Lingerie Poker Dealers

* Topless or Nude poker dealers

Waitressing options are always value for money and contrary to opinion, the vast majority of adult entertainment waitresses are predominantly just waitresses. Their role is largely hospitality based as well as providing guests with great conversation and conducting games to keep everyone entertained.

If you’re open to your partner having a stripper perform you have a range of options from mild to wild. The milder shows are your R-rated shows, then the mid-range shows are your X-rated shows and finally the extreme shows are your xxx shows.

When it comes to the R-rated shows you can generally choose from the following;

* Lap dance

* G-string show

* Straight strip

* Open leg show

* R-rated lesbian show

If a X-rated show is more what you desire for your husband-to-be’s bucks party you can choose from the following;

* Strawberries and cream

* Natural masturbation

* Pearl and pop

* X-rated lesbian show

At the extreme end of the available shows you are able to choose a xxx show. These shows are basically live porn. Warning: these shows are not for the faint hearted BUT none involve sexual activity with any guest of honour or any other attendee, at most, two female performers will enact a sexual performance with each other but not with clients.

Most reputable agencies respect that these shows are not for everyone and will not pressure potential clients to book one if they express concerns or boundaries. A reputable agency will also have staff trained to adhere to strict boundaries when specifically requested otherwise the staff member or members in question will risk having their contract terminated and no future work will be made available to them. If at any stage you feel that the agent is just giving you lip service and is not taking your request seriously then find another agency.

Now that you have a list of your agreed services, its time to start researching agencies. Most girls work for multiple agencies so it’s best to find an agent you have a good feeling about first and then choose from that agents list of available staff. So how do you determine which agency is the right one for you?

Step 2: Ask questions. Lots of questions.

Here are some questions you could ask.

Are we able to book prostitutes through your agency? In some states it is legal to book prostitution through an agency. Some agencies offer adult entertainment and prostitution services side by side. If you want to reduce your risk of prostitution services being performed then it is best to book through an agent that ONLY offers adult entertainment services. Once you have established that the agency only offers adult entertainment services the next question to ask is….

What is their policy on what their staff are to do if prostitution services have also been booked (through somewhere else) for the event by one of the bucks mates? In some states (like QLD) it is illegal to book prostitutes through an agency or outcall service. In states where it is illegal you are extremely unlikely to find an agency that will turn a blind eye to prostitutes being present at a booking. This is because of legal ramifications for the staff. No waitress wants to be charged with prostitution related offences because illegal prostitution was performed during her shift. Regardless of the legalities of prostitution services another major reason that adult entertainers (topless waitresses and strippers) don’t want to work a shift where sexual services are being performed is because the staffs is more likely to be pressured by guests to perform the same services. Again, contrary to popular opinion, the vast majority of topless waitresses and strippers only perform waitressing and/or stripping services. With these two things in mind, staffs are instructed by agency owners to immediately leave an event if prostitution services are being performed. If the agency you are considering doesn’t have this ‘leave immediately’ policy, then find another agent to book with.

 Step 3: Refunds 

Once you have identified an agency that has prostitution policies that align with your boundaries it’s time for some more questions to measure their refund policies on deposits. What if a selected girl or girls become unavailable? The agency should contact you immediately and offer you a choice between a refund or choosing replacements from a list of girls. An agency should not just offer alternative girls or just simply send alternative girls. If they only offer you replacements but no deposit back of they are unable to find you a suitable replacement, find another agency. A neat trick is to read through their terms and conditions. Refunds should be clearly stated and easily seen. If you can’t find them easily, chances are they have a strict no refund policy regardless of your complaint.  What is their policy when girls are running ridiculously late? An agency should offer you a refund on the deposit if you cancel the booking before the girls start if they are ridiculously late.  What if the girls look nothing like their photo? If a girl is clearly much older or her physical appearance is vastly different to her photos then an agent should offer you a refund on the deposit. Keep in mind that you should inform the agency if the girl looks nothing like her photo before the shift starts as it is almost impossible to get money returned from waitresses after they have worked a shift.

Step 4: Choose your girls 

By now you should have sorted the wheat from the chaff when it comes to an agent with integrity. At this point you would request a list of available staff for your partners bucks party. Pro tip: agents are usually on the money when recommending particular girls as they know which girls are likely to get along with particular crowds whilst delivering the service that is requested. You now choose from the girls that are available.

Step 5: Secure your booking

Pay the requested deposit. The girls have a limited number of opportunities each week to attend events. If a deposit is not paid then the girls will take another booking that pays a deposit. Don’t risk losing great quality girls that align with your boundaries.

Step 6: Have a girls night out on the night of the bucks party

He is having fun, why shouldn’t you?  At this point, both you and your husband to be would have had a great night full of memories of laughs and a night to remember. Now, enjoy your wedding, the honeymoon and the rest of your life together.

bucks party entertainment, Why the bride should book the bucks party entertainment: 6 essential steps, Premier Girls


Bucks party entertainment should never be something to be feared. Having a clear set of boundaries and deciding upon up front what services are acceptable and which ones are not should steer you clear of any disappointment. Remember, the women who work as adult entertainers have no interest in stealing your man or ruining your relationship, they are just providing a service and wish to only do so for bookings where everyone is on the same page. From myself, and my staff we wish you the best with your future and hope it is filled with love, happiness and a lifetime of great memories.

Book your buck’s party entertainment with us and have a wonderful marriage and

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