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What Most Strippers Won’t Tell You

Are you thinking about becoming a stripper? Or maybe you have some friends that are strippers and you want to learn more about their industry? Or maybe you are looking to confirm the thoughts you had about what really goes on? In this article, I am going to spill the beans on what really happens on the seedy side. Screw the glamour. Here we are going to get dirty. 

Let’s start off with the root of pretty much all the ugliness within the stripping industry.


In this case, lack thereof. 

I’m sure you have seen the memes with strippers wiping their tears with wads of cash. This is largely an ILLUSION. Sure, you can have some fantastic nights (if you’re lucky or are a supreme hustler), but for the vast majority of strippers, the job will earn you a decent income, but it will not make you rich or allow you to retire early. Only a very small number of girls are able to crack the big numbers on a regular basis. I had one girlfriend who made close to 20K every week for almost a year until that stripclub got closed down by the cops. How did she manage to make soo much money? We’ll get to that later. Hell, the most amount of money I made in 4 days was $15K. But that was once in 10 years. Apart from that, I had a handful of nightful of nights throughout the year where I made over 2K, but most? Pretty piss poor. 

Most strippers that earn a lacklustre income will talk it up about making bank but the very next week will be posting online about not being able to pay to fix their car. Read. Between. The. Lines.  

The fact is, unless you are a salesperson at heart that can pull off the stripper image, chances are you are going to make only a few hundred dollars more each week than working a normal job. Part of the lack of money stems from…………..

Lack Of Work

Over the last decade or two as the stripping industry has become more socially acceptable, more and more girls are entering it. Like all supply and demand industries, the more of a supply, the less financial demand. Walk into a number of stripclubs in Fortitude Valley or Brisbane City on a Friday and Saturday night and you will see up to 100 girls in anyone club at a time with even less customers. 

Spend a bit of time in some of these clubs and you will witness girls battling it out for customers by either bagging out other girls to customers or claiming ownership of them and scaring other girls off. Girls have to get their friends to guard their customers when they go to the toilet to stop other girls from swooping in. 

The private party industry suffers from oversupply as well. Agents can usually tell when it’s quiet due to the lack of fresh enquiries coming in but also from the large volumes of girls applying for jobs when they do. Speak to freelancers and they will tell you that it is highly competitive with more and more jobs are blurring the line between adult entertainment and full sex as money dries up. 

It is common to make less than minimum wage during the week with only the weekends pushing you over above average earnings. Sure, you may get lucky or you may be an absolute hustler, but that makes you an exception to the rule.

Crappy Bosses

Unfortunately, the adult entertainment can attract some pretty shitty strip club owners and dodgy agents who will lie and steal from you. Some beauties that have been reported over the years include the following examples; 

“The American navy boys are swimming from their boat to the stripclub, get here quick, EVERY girl is booked. We need more girls right now!”

“We have a bucks party of 200 people right now. We need more girls. Get here ASAP!”

You rush in (on your night off) to discover that there are maybe 15 navy boys and the bucks party was a bucks party of 20 people but left 10 minutes ago. Due to club rules, once you show up to a shift you can’t go home until the club closes. 

Strip clubs play these games with you. They waste your time to try and make their club appear to be the hottest ticket in town if a customer does walk in. 

Other dirty tricks they use are fines for almost everything you can think of. Fines for sitting down, not having a drink in your hand, not wearing a watch, not wearing matching nail polish and lipstick, not taking your clothes off fast enough on stage, being late, calling in sick, changing your roster, going home early, gaining weight, the list goes on, and on, and on. 

The tactics with agencies and freelancers are just a bad. They send out fake enquires to make themselves look really busy when they aren’t. This is part of the reason that in some WhatsApp groups the posters aren’t allowed to name the girls who filled the booking. If it is fake, np girl actually filled the booking. They tell you the rate is so much per hour but when you get paid they then tell you the rate included the commissions that have since been taken out. Invoicing an agent for a job and never being paid for it (there was one Qld agent that was well known for doing this until they got outed by a number of girls). They send you to fake bookings or jobs with very little details. Or worse, you could find yourself dealing with one of the following situations;

  1. Being told at the end of a shift that you are being paid in clothes and not cash.
  2. Provided extra details just before arriving at a regional booking (which took you hours to drive to) and being informed that your pay is about 20% of the normal rate because the are ‘mates’ with the agency owner. 
  3. Showing up to a clubhouse and being locked in. 
  4. Confirming a job with an agent or freelancer booker hours before it is due to start and then getting no details and the sound of crickets as you repeatedly ask for the booking details, thus resulting in you missing out on other bookings. 
  5. Showing up to a booking after driving over an hour there to be turned away because you weren’t the girl they were promised and when you question the agency you are told ‘damn, I was hoping once they saw you it would be fine’. To make matters worse, the agent won’t give you a cancellation fee. 

Even if you do decide to enter the industry based on the above, let me tell you about the seedy side. Remember my friend I told you about that used to earn $20K a week for about a year? How did she do it? 


Most clubs are drug free. But not all. Usually it is the clubs with the drugs that make the big money. 

My girlfriend worked in a club in regional Qld. It was the only club for miles around. It was smack bang in the middle of the mining region during the mining boom. 

Given that it was the only strip club in for miles around, the club could charge a premium for lap dances. This 100% helped to contribute towards big earnings for the girls. But that would only get you so far. If you wanted to be in the million dollar club then you had to be prepared to take it to the next level. 

What’s a party with strippers but no cocaine? A short lived one. If you wanted your customers to party with you all night and freely part with their cash, then having a supply of white powder was definitely a must. 

These guys used to make a stop on the way to the lap dance room via the manager’s office and load up before beginning their night of fun. 

There was also a couple of well known strip clubs in The Valley that were also hot beds for drugs. 

The cash was fast, vast and seemed to be never ending. It ended with police.  

The drugs in clubs are pretty much an obscurity nowadays. 

Not to fear though, the drug fuelled stripper parties are all private affairs nowadays, away from prying eyes. 

See those job posts asking for ‘party girls’? That’s usually code for ‘this booking requires you to rack up’. You can make a lot of money at those bookings. Sure, you risk a drug addiction or worse, but hey, it’s all worth it right? After a while you won’t even bat an eyelid when your munted as fuck colleague has happily agreed to to have each and every guy hop on for a ride cause she is feeling good and keen to make it a real party. 

No one wants to talk about the drug addition they developed or the sti’s and std’s they caught from working in the industry. Luckily, it’s not an epidemic but it is frequent enough to be noticeable to most. 

Stay in the industry for long enough and you will see girls fry their brains. 

Pretty confident you can steer clear of the party scene? Good for you. What about……

On The Down Low

Are you happy to let a guy suck on your titties? How about letting them grind up against you until you feel the warm sticky? Sitting on their boner whilst they have pants on and let them simulate sex with you? Happy to lick pussy? 

That’s just for starters. You can get away with the above in most strip clubs if you are careful enough. 

Will you be able to sleep at night blatantly stealing from guys by making them pay a downpayment to hook up with you after your shift when you have no intention of ever doing so? What about getting them so blind drunk that you can then rob them? Sound like something out of a movie right? No, not at all. Want to watch a movie based on strippers ripping guys off

Some of the girls (not all) who make bank do so from deception. Do not be fooled. 

If you ever go out with a girlfriend and she is a stripper and she has no qualms about getting really drunk guys to pay for hers and your drinks, then she is likely a master manipulator. You have been warned. 

On the down low though is the ‘waitressing’ bookings disguised as full service jobs. Most girls who are happy to do full service want very few people knowing about it. Nor do the pimps. They don’t want the general public or the larger stripping community knowing that they procure girls for randy blokes and make a profit from it. If you get involved in the private party world there is no doubt you will apply for a waitressing booking and then be contacted from the poster letting you know that ‘on the down low’ the booking will require BJ’s, HJ’s or FS. 

Are you ready to start working as a stripper or topless waitress despite everything above? If you are happy to engage in the above, then that is your choice but you can now go in with your eyes wide open. If you want to avoid drugs and prostitution you can still make an above average wage. If you still want to avoid drugs and prostitution but want to be able to hustle and sleep at night then check out How To Become A Stripper and Where To Make Money As A Stripper

Don’t get me wrong, the stripping industry was good to me. I made money. It got me out of some pretty sticky financial situations but the financial reward varied greatly from girl to girl. I was chasing the unicorn. I wanted to be the unicron. I was never the unicorn. I did see some unicorns though, the rest of the big money makers were either party girls that wanted to rack up pretty much every weekend or were girls that flirted with prostitution.  

If you want to enter this industry, do so with your eyes wide open. You can make good money. You could save enough within 2 years to put down a decent deposit on a home. You could pay for an entire degree, but the chances of you working for 10 years and then never having to work again are very, very slim. Just remember, it’s not all glitz and glamour and it sure as hell isn’t raining cash. 


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