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jenna, Jenna, Premier Girls

jenna, Jenna, Premier Girls


Jenna began her journey into the stripping industry as a topless waitress and has recently expanded out into doing XXX strip shows. As the undefeated 'self proclaimed interpretive dance battle champion' Jenna is bound to bring a level of fun all would be proud of. To add to this, Jenna has been featured in Zoo magazine and can make a mean cup of tea. Apart from letting loose in Amsterdam her next favourite thing to do is bring a bucks to tears.


All types of waitressing and poker dealing. Lingerie. Bikini. Topless and nude. R-rated and X-rated strip shows and a range of XXX shows.


To see Jenna's current show descriptions please contact us. They are only sent upon enquiry.

Jenna is soo good that other showgirls keep stealing her show descriptions and keep trying to pass them off as their own.

Jenna is available for the following XXX shows.

XXX show 30mins 

Jenna performs a strip show, with special attention on the main man, everyone gets to enjoy Jenna's sexy lapdance routine with ALOT of open leg work- don't worry, there is plenty of crowd participation Eat sweet treats from all over Jenna's naked body & then watch her wet & wild body slides from every angle. Discover 6m of hidden Pearls....The main man better do as he is told or there is punishment Fire & hot wax anyone?? After a very special game of ring toss,watch Jenna pleasure herself with multiple vibes and toys of different shapes and sizes! Finishing up with a wet bubble wash & lollipops from a very hidden place.

XXX dominatrix show 30mins

Jenna's dominatrix show is not for the faint of heart. Beginning with a strip show to bare all her glory ( with help from the crowd ) Jenna will give a lapdance for the main man with LOTS of open leg work for the crowd to enjoy THEN using a variety of paddles, whips, riding crop, ball gag, nipple clamps, hot wax, bondage tape & a dog collar - your guest of honour will be forced to submit to Jenna. As a reward Jenna will show the crowd how she pleasures herself with different toys and vibes of different sizes! Finishing up with a lollipop from a hidden place
- safe word given prior to show.

XXX fruit & veg show 30mins

This show includes EVERYTHING from Jenna's standard 30min show- but instead of only vibes and toys, Jenna will ALSO use some very cheeky fruit and vegetables! Hope you're hungry!

Jenna's 40min ALL IN show

Strip to nude with a lapdance and attention on the main man, plenty of crowd participation and open leg work for everyone to enjoy. 6m-8m of pearls & Lollipops in wet places, marshmellows & body slides, mild-wild humiliation for the man of your choosing! Leashes & whips - Do as you are told or be punished!! Hot wax anyone?? Followed by multiple vibes / toys.. AND fruit &veg (noone ever said you had to eat them with your mouth) !! Then Enjoy a VERY interesting game of pussy ring toss Ever seen a jackhammer dildo in use? Well you are about to - this machinery is a reciprocating saw with dildo attachments --put your raincoat on to be drenched with Jennas water squirts.. reaching 2m in length and 1m in height ! Finish up by giving Jenna a helping hand with a dirty bubble wash down!
This show has something for everyone xo

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    jenna, Jenna, Premier Girlsjenna, Jenna, Premier Girls
    jenna, Jenna, Premier Girlsjenna, Jenna, Premier Girls


    Gold Coast and Brisbane without additional travel fees. Byron Bay, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast with additional travel fees. Fees depend on the distance required for her to travel to you.

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