, Jasmine, Premier Girls



, Jasmine, Premier Girls

, Jasmine, Premier Girls


We all want someone who will be fun at our party. Someone who is even a little bit daring. After all, bucks parties shouldn't be for wall flowers.

Introducing Jasmine. Let us tell you a story about Jasmine. One night, on her night off herself and a bunch of her hot stripper mates decided that they wanted to head into the Brisbane CBD for a night of fun. They ended up in a karaoke bar and proceeded to get the night started by knocking back a few shots and getting into the swing of things. After a while, a guy got up to sing 'Pony' by Ginuwine.

I think we can all guess what happened next.

Jasmine and her equally hot girlfriends decided to get up and join this guy in an impromptu back up performance on stage. The girls were back up dancing away and decided to take it to the next level.

One by one they all stripped off butt naked in the middle of the karaoke bar. Jasmine and her friends love their jobs so much that they keep the party going even when they are not being paid to do so. Unfortunately, security did not see the humor or value in what they were offering from their strip show and asked the party of girls to dress and leave.

We are betting you won't ask Jasmine to leave.


All types of waitressing and impromptu lapdances. Lapdances can only be booked with a waitressing booking.

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    , Jasmine, Premier Girls


    Jasmine is available in Brisbane only.

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