, FAQ’s For Strippers, Premier Girls

FAQ’s For Strippers

, FAQ’s For Strippers, Premier Girls

Over the years working in the adult entertainment industry as well as professional industries, there are a number of questions that I have been asked countless times in regards to professionalism and business practices.

Maybe you have wondered why you can’t replace yourselves on jobs without an agents approval, why pay rates vary, or who owns your pictures? What it potentially means if you stop hearing from an agent.

All of the below questions are important to helping you obtain more bookings from your agent rather than having you lose work.

So let’s dive in.

Why Can’t I Send Another Stripper?

The clients are expecting you. You’re the person that they picked, not your friend. Your friend may be pleasing on the eye but the client may not prefer them. After all, this is about the clients preferences, not yours. Not saying you can’t replace yourself, by all means, most agents are grateful if you have found some options as it helps to save time, but make sure you ask first and then send the options to your agent with as much notice as possible. This way the agent has enough time to deal with the client and seek approval to replace you with your friend. The other reason you should always let your agent know that you need to be replaced rather than just send another girl is so the agent knows a different girl will be representing the brand and to also approve it as sometimes your friend may have previously been fired by the agent.

If I’m Late Why Can’t I Just Work Back? 

There are so many reasons why this is important. Apart from pretty much every other industry and job requiring you to be on time, some other reasons include; the guests have other plans later one that they cannot be late to (like a fishing charter or dinner reservations) or some of the guests may need to leave by a certain time so your arrival time has been planned so everyone can enjoy you. Side note, the time the client books you from is not the arrival time, that is when you are expected to start working (so either boobs out and serving drinks or when your show starts), so it is best to arrive with enough time to be ready to start on time. Offering to work back later may not be good enough for the client so don’t be surprised if you are asked to reimburse the client for the lost time, after all, if you paid for a service that was supposed to last a specified time frame and it didn’t you would be well within your rights to ask for some of your money back. If you cannot avoid being late, you must inform your agent prior to the start of the booking time so they don’t unexpected angry calls from clients.  

What If I Am Sick And Can’t Work?

Let the agent know as soon as possible so they can source a replacement. Most agents understand that at times you will get sick and need to cancel but not cancel last minute and do not do a no show. That is just plain rude and puts pressure on the agent to find a suitable replacement that won’t be too late to a job. In the event that the agent is unable to replace you, some agents will require you to pay a cancellation fee. So to avoid having to pay a cancellation fee, provide as much notice as possible. Side note: if you cancel frequently, agents are likely to stop making you a priority.

Why Can’t I Hand Out My Contact Details?

Agents pay a lot of money for advertising and marketing to bring the leads in. Contrary to popular belief, the profit margins are quite slim so part of an agents ongoing revenue is being able to continue filling jobs and for customers to return. They have spent countless hours not only attracting customers but also ensuring that a high level of customer service is maintained by offering training and weeding out bad girls. These are not your clients or contractors and handing out your number or taking theirs is frowned upon. If an agent finds out you have done this they are either likely to remove you from their books (and some won’t even tell you) or they will only ever use you as a last resort. It isn’t a matter of if an agent will find out but rather when. Pro tip: make sure you have your phone number hidden before you call a client to let them know you are out the front otherwise your agent will suspect you have done this on purpose. 

Why Can’t I Post Images Or Videos From Work?

Imagine what could happen if a client’s family, friends or work colleagues saw the photo or video?

Can I Hand Out My Own Promotional Products At Agent Bookings?

Yes, but they shouldn’t have any of your own personal contact details on them like social media handles, phone numbers, email or website addresses.

Do I Have To Go On An Agent’s Website?

No you don’t and an agent can’t force you. They shouldn’t pressure you to be put on a website either. Be aware though that a lot of guys will request girls straight off a website so you will potentially miss out on work if you are not on their website. 

Why Is No Travel Or Capped Amounts Offered?

Before the online networks like Facebook and WhatsApp became a prominent communication and recruitment tool, it was difficult for agents and freelancers to be able to fill inquires for areas they weren’t physically located in. Therefore, travel rates were more commonplace than they are now. 

Now that there are more girls working in regional areas and networking tools have generally helped to fill jobs with local based girls, clients are less likely to pay for travel. The exception to this is when no local girls are not available, clients are usually ok with paying travel for girls that are coming from the nearest metro area. A perfect example of this is jobs in Byron Bay, if no local girls are available then the clients are usually happy to pay for a girl to travel from the Gold Coast. The vast majority of clients are not prepared to pay for travel for a girl from Brisbane to Byron (unless they specifically request that waitress or stripper). This is why travel fees can be capped at times.

PRO TIP: Always let the agent or freelancer know if you require travel and how much before they put you forward to the client otherwise if you are chosen you are very likely to be replaced. It is just common courtesy. 

When Should I Pay Commissions?

As soon as possible after your shift. It is common place to pay by bank transfer within 24 hours of completing a shift but if you prefer to pay by bank deposit directly into and agents account make sure you know when an agent wants to be paid by. If they are sending out comms requests on Mondays but you can’t pay until Thursday then let them know. 

PRO TIP: If agents or freelancers have to repeatedly chase you for owed commissions then you can pretty much bet you will no longer be a priority to them and they are likely to only ever use you as a last resort. Also, telling people you owe commissions that “It was paid on Monday babe. It should be hitting you account soon”, and they then see you paid it by Osko or you are with the same bank as them and transfers are instant is not a good idea. Just be honest. 

Wasting Your Agents Or Bookers Time

If you don’t know where a suburb or town is, don’t message the agent (especially on Friday and Saturday nights) asking where it is. Google it BEFORE you apply. The same can be said about applying for jobs without checking your diary or knowing that you will be late but you just want the job and apply anyway. This usually results in the agents having to replace you or losing out on additional commissions because the guys the guys have plans later and can’t extend you.

Why Aren’t The Pay Rates The Same Between Agents Around The Country?

Do lawyers or accountants cost the same everywhere? Do strip clubs have exactly the same pay rates? There will always be variations in pay rates. This is for a variety of reasons including the following; 

  1. Legal reasons – it is illegal to price fix. This is a practice where businesses or workers come together to agree on fixed rates of pay and/or charges. 
  2. Economics – basic supply and demand. It is common to see higher wages in regional areas in comparison to large cities due to a smaller number of girls being available in regional areas.
  3. Business Models – each adult entertainment agency and advertising platform have different levels of costs, revenue streams and desired profit margins. These businesses are supplying you with work so they need to get something out of it as well.

Accept the fact that there is always going to be varying pay rates. Some agents will pay more and some will pay less. Decide what your minimum rate is and if some agents pay you more than that great, if not then don’t work for that agent. In the event that you find that none or only a small number of agents are paying you the rates you want then you are probably asking for too much. There is no conspiracy between agents to pay you the least amount. Spend enough time talking to some agents and you will probably find they are trying to find that balance between giving you the rates you want and being able to run a business.  

Is It Ok To Let Client’s Know I Have A Partner?

Some girls will tell you that you can tell customers you have a partner and still make good money. You will still make money but I can 100% guarantee you that you are limiting your earning potential. Some of you may not realise it, but some customers extend because they think if they spend enough time with you they will actually have a chance of either sleeping with you or you becoming their partner. If you want to make more money, it is a good idea to play the single card. 

The same can be said for taking your partner with you to bookings. It is not a good idea, even if you can both remain professional all it takes is one time for a customer to go too far over the line and your partner then lashes out in your defense more than is necessary to keep you safe. If you are concerned about your safety at jobs then take a driver with you.  

Why Can Unladylike Behavior Be An Issue?

When you first arrive at a booking it is highly unlikely that you will know from just looking at a customer what will make them not want to extend you. For some guys it is swearing. For others it is overly sexual talk or behavior. Until you are extremely confident that the clients are ok with a girl swearing as long as she is fun and they are having a good time, it is best to refrain from swearing and keep a smile on your face. The same concept applies to talking dirty or overly sexual behavior, until you know that they like this then refrain. Don’t risk missing out on extensions because you dropped the C bomb or made a guy blush from dirty talk. You can learn more about how to make money as a stripper and where to make money as a stripper. 

When Should I Collect The Money?

At the beginning before you even get undressed. It is best to be discreet so it may be best to get the organiser to give you the money away from everyone else. The other guests don’t need to see how much money you are being paid. 

PRO TIP: Always check the details about how much money you are to pick up. If you don’t pick up the full amount you will have to pay the agents their comms out of your money. 

PRO TIP: Always keep your money on you during a booking OR have it in a padlocked bag.

Are Agents Entitled To Commissions On Extensions, Upgrades or Tips?

If an agent has communicated that you are expected to pay commissions on extensions or upgrades then you are expected to pay it. Don’t try and pull a sneaky and say the clients didn’t extend if they did. Agents will find out eventually and you will be out of a job. When it comes to commissions on tips, a good agent will not ask for commissions on tips. To be clear though, if a guy says to you for example “I will give a $50 tip if you upgrade to nude for the last 30 minutes”, this is not a tip. This is an upgrade. A tip is just money for doing a good job and not wanting anything in return (i.e. more time or upgrading). If you pay your commissions on extensions and upgrades, agents are more likely to make you a priority.

Can I Give My Contact Details To Clients On An Agency Job?

No. Agents spend a lot of time and money bringing work in. Unlike most freelancers they generally have ongoing costs for website maintenance, artworks, website hosting, company accounting expenses, advertising, etc. Returning customers help agents to be able to reinvest and grow their business. If you hand out your details or take clients, agents will find out. Agents also talk. Once you burn your bridges with a handful you have pretty much burnt your bridges with others.

What If I Cancel Last Minute Or Do A No Show?

Most agencies now require you to pay a cancellation fee. The fee varies from agency to agency. If you don’t pay the cancellation fee it is likely you will not be given any more work. The fee is to cover the agents time and in some cases, having to refund the customer the deposit. We understand that sometimes canceling is unavoidable, just as it is sometimes when clients cancel. If you expect a cancellation fee from an agent then you should be expected to pay them as well.

Repeat offenders usually find they no longer receive work from a number of agencies plus a lot of the freelance community. Word gets around.  

Can I Leave A Booking If The Guys Are Being Rude Or Touching Me Inappropriately?

Absolutely. The agent isn’t there to be able to assess the situation to see if it can be resolved so if you have already given a number of warnings and the party organiser is not helping you, or if you feel you are in danger then please leave. No amount of money or client is worth it. 

PRO TIP: Don’t make a scene. Just go and quietly go to the toilet and get dressed and leave. If the guys aren’t aware in advance you are leaving they are less likely to be able to stop you or threaten you.In the event you can’t discreetly leave, call your agent immediately. 

PRO TIP: Assuming you were able to leave quietly, once you have driven a safe distance, call the agent and let them know what has happened. This way they can be prepared if the dickhead client calls.

Can Clients Take Photo’s Of Me?

Not without your permission. Unfortunately, there are many agents who do not make clients aware of the rules. Even if they do, the party organiser doesn’t make the other party guests aware of the rules so when you get there, explain them. Gather the party guests around and tell them the rules in a polite and firm way. Something along the lines of “Hi Guys, my name is Tahlia. I am looking forward to having fun with you all. Before I go and make my clothes disappear I just need to run you through my rules. 1: Please don’t take photos or videos of me. I have a day job and would like to keep it. 2: Please don’t touch me without permission. If you need to get my attention a tap on the shoulder is ok, but touching my bum, boobs or vagina is not. 3: Have fun. Any questions?”

PRO TIP: Don’t make a scene. Just go and quietly go to the toilet and get dressed and leave. If the guys aren’t aware in advance you are leaving they are less likely to be able to stop you or threaten you.In the event you can’t discreetly leave, call your agent immediately. 

PRO TIP: Assuming you were able to leave quietly, once you have driven a safe distance, call the agent and let them know what has happened. This way they can be prepared if the dickhead client calls.

How Can I Reduce The Risk Of Someone Taking Photos Or Videos Of Me?

Apart from the above, you can also get a container and ask the guys to put their phones into the container for the duration of your shift. If a guy won’t do it then you know to keep an eye on them. You can also agree on a phone zone that the clients will need to go to if they need to answer their phone, this way they can still take calls but it would be in another room or outside. 

Even with the above in place, guys can still be sneaky. They will use old classics like having a phone propped up facing you whilst you do your show (a driver should be trained to look out for these) or guys pretending to be on the phone but they are pointing the camera in your direction whilst they do the show. If a guy is on the phone, ask him to go into the other room and if he refuses then move out of his line of sight, if he then moves to have his camera pointing in your direction then get the party booker involved. This should be the guys last warning. 

Other guys will take it one step further and hide cameras out of plain sight to film you. Look for beer cartons or boxes that are sitting on the floor or on a bench and take a peak inside, you may just find a hole in the box and a camera inside. 

Why Do Agents Get Cranky If I Make A Mess Of The Buck?

Sometimes the party may have had plans to go out later and then they couldn’t because the buck didn’t have a spare shirt and he is not going to be able to get in anywhere in the shirt you have now covered in shaving cream or used scissors on. All of a sudden, their VIP booth they booked and paid for has gone to waste and the agent is left dealing with some very angry bucks party guests. Worse yet, is his wife-to-be was stern about the ‘no strippers’ policy and you have just left evidence all over him. Another reason (and this has happened) is you have ruined an expensive shirt and the agent has to pay for it to be replaced. 

By all means, cover them in shaving cream, put ice down his jocks, pour hot wax on his nipples but best to at least take his shirt off and make sure it is well away from anything that will make it messy or damaged. Even better, strip him down to jocks and lead him around on a leash.  

Can I Use Photos An Agent Paid For On Other Websites?

Not without their permission. If the agent paid for the photo’s they agent owns them unless they sign over the ownership to you. I know I wouldn’t want another agent making money from the photos I paid for.

Why Do Some Agents Insist On Unfiltered Photos? Or A Facetime Call?

Photoshop. Facetune. Etc. Soo many girls look nothing like their photo. Agents request the above to help ensure you do look similar to your photo. Making yourself in photos look your best is one thing but making yourself look like a completely different person is another thing.

An Agent Told Me I Have To Do Some Pub Work Or Regional Shifts Before They Will Start Giving Me Private Work? They Also Said I Must Upgrade To Nude And Give Lap Dances. Is This True?

No it isn’t’. Some pubs shifts and regional bookings are extremely hard to fill (usually because they are either too far away or paying terribly) and they try and trick you by using these scare tactics. Don’t fall for them. If you are an attractive girl with a nice personality they will end up wanting to hire you later on because they will hear from other agents how wonderful you are. As for trying to force you to upgrade or do lap dances, no way. No agent has the right to force you to do any service you have not willingly and happily agreed to. 

Why Doesn’t My Agent Give Me All The Details Until 1 to 2 Days Before The Booking?

If you have the suburb and time of the booking, as well as what you have been booked for and how much you are being paid, that is all you need to plan your travel until the agent gives you the remaining details. The reason a lot of agents don’t give you details like the phone number or street address until a few days before the booking is because unfortunately, some girls in the past have taken the information and contacted the client and convinced them to cancel with the agent within the refund period and then give the deposit to them directly instead. Nowadays, if a client cancels within 48 hours they don’t get their deposit back.

The above is a guide. Some people will offer different advice and other agents will have a different stance on some of the above. Hopefully, the above will answer some questions around what is and is not expected from you as a topless waitress or stripper. If you have enjoyed the above, you may also like our piece on Stripping industry acronyms and terminology you need to know which details all those shorthand things you may not know they meaning of and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by asking. Another article you should read is about ‘what strippers will never tell you’’ where we discuss the seedy side of the industry. Are there any questions you have about working in the topless waitressing or private party stripper industry? If so, then leave in the comments.

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